Diablo 3 Gem Calculator

About Gems in Diablo 3

A large part of game Diablo 3 is crafting (creation and enhancement), which allows players to create weapons, armor and gems.

Gems can significantly increase weapon damage (ruby and emerald), vitality (amethyst), resistance to all types of damage (diamond), as well as magic find and gold find (topaz).

Gems can only be installed into items with special sockets. An item can have as many as three sockets accepting gems of different types and quality. Gems and items drop from killed monsters, stashes, chests and corpses.

Gems are crafted by the Jeweler. The Jeweler’s skills (as well as those of the Blacksmith and the Mystic) can be upgraded. The higher the Jeweler’s level, the better gems he can make. The max level is 12.  A fully trained Jeweler can craft the best and the most powerful gems. All your characters have the same Jeweler’s level – you only need to train him once.

At the beginning of the game, gem upgrades (two gems of the same type and quality produce one higher level gem) are simple and cheap. At later stages, you will need ample amounts of gold and time to make powerful gems. The most powerful gems will also require a rare material called Death’s Breath.

This calculator will show the necessary amount of gems and gold for creating a higher level gem. The calculator will also tell you how many Death’s Breaths you need to forge perfect gems. If necessary, you can specify the gems that you already have in your inventory and trey will be taken into account during calculations!

The key advantage of this calculator for Diablo 3 is its ease of use. Make a couple of clicks to see all the necessary information! It also uses all the features introduced in game Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

Happy Jewel Crafting!

Legendary Gems

The latest update to Diablo 3, Patch 2.1, introduces legendary gems. There are currently 14 types of gems, each of which grants a significant bonus when socketed into a ring or amulet. The gems cannot be socketed into any other kinds of equipment. The bonus from each gem increases based on the gem’s level. A secondary bonus is unlocked at level 25.

These gems can be obtained by defeating Greater Rift Guardians. Only one legendary gem per type can be equipped on a given character at any one time. A character can thus be equipped with three different legendary gems at once.

Legendary gems can be upgraded (have their levels increased) by a special character named Urshi who only appears in Greater Rifts after a Greater Rift Guardian has been defeated.

This calculator allows you to see the strength of the bonus from a legendary gem based on its level. It also allows you to easily calculate the probability of successfully upgrading a legendary gem. This probability depends on two variables: the level of the gem itself and the level of the Greater Rift in which the Guardian was defeated.

Update: (10.02.2015) Now three new gems from patch 2.1.2 added! Meet Esoteric Alteration, Gem of Ease and Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard.

Update: (16.04.2015) Now two new gems from patch 2.2 added! Meet Iceblink and Mutilation Guard.

Update: (02.09.2015) Now one new gem from patch 2.3 added! Meet powerful Bane of the stricken.

Update: (28.01.2016) Now one new gem from patch 2.4 added! Meet powerful Boyarsky’s Chip.

Update: (28.04.2016) 2.4.1 Legendary Jems added!

Update: (01.08.2016) 2.4.2 PTR Legendary Jem added!

Update: (30.01.2017) Now one new gem from patch 2.4.3 added! Meet powerful Red Soul Shard.

(30.01.2017) 2.4.3 Legendary Jem Red Soul Shard added

Legendary Gems

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